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Equity Monday: Fintech consolidation could be picking up

One founders account of whats left behind from SVBs crash

Its a boom Its a bubble Its a correction

Here for influencerbranded mac and cheese

Why San Francisco is still the gold mine for tech startups

Leverage red flags and a changing venture landscape

The early signs of startup layoffs to come

Three quarters of recordbreaking funding for female founders is a win

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Its always earnings season if you look hard enough

Why Box is one of the most underappreciated companies

Hopin might be the fastest growth story of this era

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Okay startup names and why fintech is rebounding

Tune in SPAC on drop LSD

SaaS goes to space as some software startups are in a race to survive

Equity podcast: Theranoss reckoning BroadQualms stunning conclusion and Lyfts platform ambitions

Equity Monday: Good vaccine news three rounds and why IPOs are trending

The AI race crypto doldrums and the future of fake fish

The hottest fintech market you arent paying attention to

AI hardware fintech woes and venture capitals shedding phase

Remember how this whole working thing works

Does it smell like teen spirit or teen bankruptcy

Match Groups deal with OpenAI is just business with AI glitter on top

More money doesnt mean more growth and other startup myths

Community is the new AI

Equity Monday: No tech news doesnt stop over the holidays

AIs moral compass with a jack of all trades

Is it the bootstrappers time to jump on the venture treadmill

Equity Shot: Making sense of the Paypal and Alphabet earnings

The myth of stage agnostic investing

Equity Podcast: Facebook says oops and Dropbox with a wave of enterprise IPOs

YC OpenAI and the trough of disillusionment

Party rounds are either the dinner party of your dreams or the one where no one shows up

When will India make up its mind about crypto

OK dont fear: the long shots are still getting venture funding

Corporate comms for the startup soul

You cant buy a community so make it worth it

Early Stage 2023: IRL is BACK

Startups in 2022 are indeed harder Better Faster stronger

Unpacking the Twitter blues

Thats capitalism baby

Female checkwriters alone arent enough to close the female fundraising gap data shows

Governments are getting their AIregulating boots on

Equity podcast: Stocks swing after earnings for Tesla Apple Spotify Snap

Reddits upcoming IPO could reward its power users

All press is good press for Robinhood

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