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Regie secures 10M to generate marketing copy using AI

Amazon adds Matter casting to its smart displays and TVs

The Warriors Draymond Green talks podcasts social media and the elephant in the room

Nigerian data and intelligence company Stears raises 33M backed by Mac VC and Serena Ventures

iOS gains new emoji Showtime joins a pricier Paramount and Instagram launches Channels

Meta plans hiring freeze NASA shoots an asteroid and Elons texts about Twitter are made public

YouTube is working on a plan to compensate artists and rightsholders for AI music

CatchRelease is building an AIpowered search engine to help brands license usergenerated content

Storiaverse launches a shortform storytelling app that combines video and written content

Daily Crunch: PSG Battery Ventures invest 100M in open source password manager Bitwarden

Jack Dorsey breaks his silence owns responsibility for why everyone is in this situation at Twitter

Groover connects artists with tastemakers to help them find their audience

Spotify introduces new tech for turning radio broadcasts into podcasts

Elon guts Twitter Google shutters Hangouts and the tech layoffs continue

VLGE opens SDK for its nocode virtual world builder aimed at fashion beauty and art industries

Spotifys new Showcase tool lets artists pay to promote their music in the Home feed

Netflix crackdown monetizing ChatGPT and bypassing FBs 2FA

TikTok scores sizable Disney deal including a content hub and publisher partnership

Amazon readies TV series on Indian startups

TikTok partners with top publishers on its new premium and brandsafe ad slot Pulse Premiere

A scale story: TechCrunchs parent company links up with Taboola

Why does MasterClass work with David Rogier from MasterClass

MrBeasts blindness video puts systemic ableism on display

Indias Wire retracts reports on Meta citing discrepancies

Netflix blames a technical bug for its Love is Blind live stream issues says it will try live again

Warner Music CEO Robert Kyncl says AI to impact the music industry within the next year

TikTok content to be featured on 3K Redbox kiosks

Autodesk acquires AIpowered VFX startup Wonder Dynamics

Streamer Plex finally ready to launch a TV and movie rentals marketplace

9count maker of Wink and new dating app Summer scores additional funding

Web Summit names exWikimedia CEO Katherine Maher to take over in wake of Cosgrave controversy

Nufa lets you live up to unrealistic beauty standards at the tap of an app

Reddit should go public at 5B according to secondary data

Spotify acquires content moderation tech company Kinzen to address platform safety issues

How Inversion Art is trying to become the Y Combinator of the arts world

Getty Images launches a new GenAI service for iStock customers

Runway a startup building generative AI for content creators raises 141M

Nicki Minaj Billie Eilish Katy Perry and other musicians sign letter against irresponsible AI

Dummes AI video editor creates YouTube Shorts in minutes

Twelve Labs lands 12M for AI that understands the context of videos

Luma raises 43M to build AI that crafts 3D models

Fuzzy Doors Viewscreen onset AR puts CG characters and locations in the viewfinder

Whoopi Goldbergbacked BLKFAM launches with 1000 hours of kids programming

Dont leave developers behind in the Section 230 debate

Streaming media company Plex raises 40M as it nears profitability

Why a B2B startup is placing a bet on a 7M Super Bowl ad

As banks totter crypto is busy racking up gains

OpenAI built a voice cloning tool but you cant use it yet

At the AI Film Festival humanity triumphed over tech

Roku partners with Best Buy and its advertising business to get firstparty shopper data