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Env0 lands 17M Series A as infrastrucure as code control plane gains traction

Snyk bags another 200M at 26B valuation 9 months after last raise

Serenade snags 21M seed round to turn speech into code

PSPDFkit raises 116M its first outside money now nearly 1B people use apps powered by its collaboration signing and markup tools

Pinpoint releases dashboard to bring visibility to software engineering operations

New tool uses AI to roll back problematic continuous delivery builds automatically

Draftdev CEO Karl Hughes on the importance of using experts in developer marketing

HashiCorp to offer managed versions of its developer tools starting with Consul

Serverless Inc expands free Framework to include monitoring and security

Env0 announces 33M seed to bring more control to Infrastructure as Code

Dark emerges from stealth with unique deployless software model

Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 4 with support for app development on iPad

Splitio announces 50M Series D to continue growing feature flag platform

Developer productivity tools startup Raycast raises 15M from Accel and Coatue

Redpoint and Sequoia are backing a startup to copy edit your shit code

Netlify just got 30 million to change the way developers build websites

Datree gets 3M seed round to build DevOps policy engine in GitHub

Explosion snags 6M on 120M valuation to expand machine learning platform

Sourcegraph raises 125M Series D on 26B valuation for universal code search tool

Socratic nabs 3M seed to build datadriven task management system for developers

Harness releases open version of continuous delivery product with access to source code

Developer productivity startup Gadget raises 85M led by Sequoia and Bessemer

Cased announces 225M seed round to help developers work in production environments

Six favorite Techstars startups ahead of its next rush of demo days

Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools Part 1 of 2

Veriff wants to make it simple to present identification online

Targetprocess lands Series A 14 years after launching

Harness makes first acquisition snagging open source CI company Droneio

CircleCI announces 100M Series F on 17B valuation along with Vamp acquisition

Swimm nabs 276M Series A to include uptodate documentation throughout coding process

DeepSource announce 26M seed round to automate static code analysis

YC grad Wasp lands 15M seed to help developers build web apps faster

Facebook Messenger provides governments agencies with free developer tools to combat Covid19

Atomized lands 500K preseed to help developers deploy infrastructure faster

Cobaltio pentesting service brings wizardlike setup to platform

Botpress nabs 8M Series A to help developers build conversational apps

Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools Part 2 of 2

Openbase scores 36M seed to help developers find open source components

YC grad Wasp land 15M seed to help developers build web apps faster

Botpress nabs 15M Series A to help developers build conversational apps

Openbase scores 36M seed to help developers find opensource components

Progress snags software automation platform Chef for 220M

GitLab hauls in 268M Series E on 2768B valuation

RunX announces 41M seed to simplify cloud infrastructure deployment for developers

VCs bet 12M on Troops a Slackbot for sales teams

Harness snags 85M Series C on 17B valuation as revenue grows 3x

CodeSee pulls in a 7M secondary seed to build out code visualization platform

Talk key takeaways from Google Cloud Next with TechCrunch writers

SendBird snags 52M Series B to expand messaging API tool

SendBird adds voice and video to popular chat API