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State of the cloud: Amazon Web Services is bigger than its other four major competitors combined

Anonymous employee calls on Amazon Web Services to stop selling facerecognition technology to police departments

Worried about Amazon Kroger will avoid Amazon Web Services in its cloud transition

Amazon is expanding in Portland as AWS Elemental signs lease for new space

Network effects: Amazon Web Services touts improvements to its networking services that should boost app performance

As massive growth awaits Amazon Web Services adds second region in China

David vs Goliath in the cloud: Do investors see an opening for startups to take on AWS and Azure

Ousted Flipkart founder Binny Bansal aims to help 10000 Indian founders with new venture

VMware and AWS roll out new services for the hybrid cloud and bring their joint product to Europe

Amazon stock hits 2000 and why one analyst thinks it is on the road to a 25 trillion valuation

Amazon to open visually focused AI research hub in Germany

Amazon Web Services ramps up advertising to provide air cover for developers

And then there were two: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft named finalists for the Pentagons 10B JEDI cloud contract

Alexa in every light switch Amazon reduces requirements for voice controls in small devices

Google Cloud CEO wanted to buy GitHub hopes Microsoft really keeps it neutral Azure CTO vows not to mess with it

THub Ties up with Global Tech Giants to Help Startups

Longtime Amazon Web Services customer Netflix said to be cozying up to Google

How Amazon Web Services will attempt to set the industry agenda at the biggest show in the cloud

Amazon Web Services expands serverless computing strategy with support for a wider variety of software development tools

Amazon quietly publishes its latest transparency report

Microsofts Guthrie claims Azure is seeing blockchain momentum but thats not moving the cloud needle any time soon

The cost of the cloud: Amazon takes a breath while Microsoft and Google plunge ahead

How Atlassian moved Jira and Confluence users to Amazon Web Services and what it learned along the way

Climate change AI and ethical leadership in big tech with Amazon principal UX design lead Maren Costa

Prime Day protests call for Amazon boycott but avoiding the tech giants reach wont be easy

Alls fair in love and new databases for Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy

Amazon reportedly expanding chip design efforts aiming at Echo cameras and AI

Report: The Pentagon plans to increase its use of cloud computing in security push

Watch out Coachella Amazon gets into music festival business releases lineup for Intersect

Microsofts Azure Container Instances which lets you deploy containers with utter disregard for hardware now generally available

New features from Amazon Web Services aim to make cloud security easier to manage

Arm unveils nextgeneration server processor designs emphasizing performance in hopes of cloud momentum

Amazon Web Services hits 5B in quarterly revenue with no signs of slowing down

AWS launches NeoAI an opensource tool for tuning ML models

Truepill the AWS for pharmacies gets 10M from Initialized Capital

Tim Wagner leader of Amazon Web Services Lambda serverless team moving over to Coinbase

Amazon Web Services will no longer require security pros running penetration tests on their cloudbased apps to get permission first

Amazon Web Services Apple dispute report that China placed spy chips in some of their servers

Seattle engineer arrested in Capital One hack that affected 106M people

For the first time Amazons own online sales make up less than half of its entire business

Top AI researchers call on Amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement

F5 Networks and Amazon Web Services team up in cloud partnership of Seattle tech giants

Why AWS is building tiny AI race cars to teach machine learning

Amazon Web Services infrastructure czar Peter DeSantis now part of Amazons inner circle according to report

TLDR: MLB commentary with robots flying cars facial recognition in schools

Amazon Web Services continues to lock customers into longterm cloud deals as deferred revenue and the length of contracts grew in Q2

How multiyear contracts with big business are changing the economics of the cloud

Amazon Web Services launches AWS Ground Station a cloud service designed for satellite operators

Financial analyst renews call for Amazon to spin off Amazon Web Services

Startups Weekly: SoftBanks second act