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Volvos Polestar begins production of the allelectric Polestar 2 in China

Google Maps Street View celebrates 15 years with historical imagery on mobile new camera and more

Google makes calling businesses less painful with features for seeing wait times phone tree options and more

Google Maps launches ecofriendly routing in the US

Snapchat adds My Places feature to Snap Map recommending spots to visit

Google hires former SiriusXM CPOCTO to lead its Maps team

Mapbox makes another acquisition to bolster its navigation toolkits

Google says geofence warrants make up onequarter of all US demands

Google Maps is no longer flatearth

Google Maps challenges Apples 3D mode with a new immersive view for cities

Google to shut down its Indiafocused QA app Neighbourly

Google has acquired one of Indias most popular train tracking apps

Apple restores Googles internal iOS apps after certificate misuse punishment

Google introduces a new way to search that combines images and text into one query

New nonprofit from Google Maps cocreator offers temporary safe passes to aid COVID19 reopening effort

Googles improved image blending means a more seamless Street View

Apple has blocked Google from running internal iOS apps after certificate misuse

Google has acquired one of Indias most popular traintracking apps

AllTrails raises 150M after Covid accelerates peoples interest in exploring the outdoors

Proxi is making digital maps cooler

Google Maps restrictions trigger competition scrutiny in Germany

Daily Crunch: SpaceX employees blast Musks tweets as a source of distraction and embarrassment

Duplex Googles conversational AI has updated 3M business listings since pandemic

Meituan Alibaba and the new landscape of ridehailing in China

Google launches new tools to help businesses optimize their delivery operations

Google ramps up competition with Facebook Pages with new tools for local businesses

Meet Ubers newly promoted Chief Product Officer Manik Gupta

Google Maps adds streetlevel details in select cities more colorful imagery worldwide