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Google Cloud launches Vertex AI a new managed machine learning platform

Ford bets on Google Cloud for its digital transformation

Cloud Run: How Google Cloud plans to bring serverless computing to containerized applications

Cloudflare enlists Microsoft Google and other cloud companies in the Bandwidth Alliance promising cheaper cloud networking costs

Google Cloud partners with Tezos blockchain to bring web3 technology to its customers

Experts from Google TMobile and other tech frontiers weigh in on the future of AI

Three dimensional search engine Physna wants to be the Google of the physical world

Crane collapse deals a setback to Google Cloud ambitions near Amazon HQ in Seattle

Google bolsters edge computing strategy with new version of its TPU AI chips for edge devices

Google Cloud hires the former head of Intels data center group Diane Bryant as COO

Lumigo raises 29M for its cloudnative application monitoring platform

Google brings AppSheet automations to Gmail Jira support to Chat and Spaces

State of the cloud: Amazon Web Services is bigger than its other four major competitors combined

Sure why not Google said to be getting in on the blockchain

Googles Stadia leverages tech advances to bring the lucrative videogame market into the cloud

How Google is turning its own difficult security lessons into tools for its cloud customers

Google launches Media CDN to compete on content delivery

Google plans to boost cloud performance between Asia and Australia with new undersea cable

Developers and cloud rivals will be watching Microsofts plans for Azure and GitHub very closely

Google discloses cloud revenue for the first time heres how it compares to Amazon and Microsoft

Google introduces several new cloud security tools promises transparency and usability

Google Cloud hiring spree: Alphabet adds 6450 employees in Q3 cites cloud as biggest factor

Longtime Amazon Web Services customer Netflix said to be cozying up to Google

Google hikes G Suite prices for the first time Business edition now 12 per user per month

Decrypted: How a teenager hacked Twitter Garmins ransomware aftermath

Google hopes Cloud Code encourages developers to deploy their apps to Kubernetes

Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs

How Dropboxs partnerships with Microsoft and now Google have shaped its SaaS approach

Google nearly doubles spending on capital projects as it continues major cloud investment

THub Ties up with Global Tech Giants to Help Startups

Tetrate nets 125 million to bring microservices to the corporate masses

Google Cloud makes a big opensource move: Managed databases from Redis Labs MongoDB and Elastic coming soon

Google CEO confirms Target as big cloud customer continuing retail moves toward AWS competitors

Google wants to make it easier for cloud customers to find AI tools that fit their needs

Etsys 2year migration to the cloud brought flexibility to the online marketplace

Couchbase launches a fully managed database service

Who will pay for Meltdown and Spectre Chip flaws could leave a financial mess in their wake

Google Clouds new CEO on gaining customers startups supporting open source and more

Google adds onetime cloudholdout Etsy months after Amazon rolled out its own craft shop

Google Cloud launches Filestore High Scale a new storage tier for highperformance computing workloads

Google Cloud will now show its users their carbon footprint in the cloud

TechCrunch Minute: Googles Gemini Code Assist wants to use AI to help developers

Google brings support for custom translations and text categorization to AutoML

Google Cloud introduces Anthos a hybrid cloud management product based on Kubernetes

Google and Puppet strike partnership deal designed to ease migration to the cloud

Google doubles down on its Asylo confidential computing framework

Google Cloud revenue rises 52 as crisis forces tech giant to temper hiring and spending

Google is now using AI to keep its data centers cool and save energy

Google acquires Looker for 26 billion to add its business intelligence software to Google Cloud

Google will make realtime Final Four predictions this weekend air them as halftime TV ads