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TruEra raises 25M for its AI analytics and monitoring platform

Cybersecurity startup Ordr nabs 40M to monitor connected devices for anomalies

Veteran enterprise VC Peter Wagner on the opportunities for AI startups

Spectrum Labs raises 32M for AIbased content moderation that monitors billions of conversations daily for toxicity

Writing helper Copyai closes on its second funding round this year

Jellyfish aims to do for engineering what Salesforce did for sales

SetSail raises raises 7M to change how sales teams are compensated

Supernova wants to make it easy to move design elements to code bases

Lumigo raises 29M for its cloudnative application monitoring platform

Human Interest raises 200M at a 1B valuation plans for an IPO

How to make a deal with a VC at a tech conference

Startups Weekly: All these startups are raising big rounds

TruEra raises 35M for its AI analytics and monitoring platform

Pinecone lands 10M seed for purposebuilt machine learning database

Tango dances in with 57M making employee onboarding easier

Torii puts your business teams in sync as your tech stack evolves

StepZen snares 8M seed to build data integration API