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Foundriesio promises standardized open source IoT device security

Mirantis acquires Lens an IDE for Kubernetes

Elizabeth Warren for President opensources its 2020 campaign tech

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative drops 38M on 23 biomedical opensource projects

Botpress nabs 15M Series A to help developers build conversational apps

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Hugging Face and ServiceNow launch BigCode a project to open source codegenerating AI systems

Ethereum: The great handshake

H2Oai announces 725M Series D led by Goldman Sachs

Linux Foundation Europe launches the OpenWallet Foundation to power interoperable digital wallets

With MapR fire sale Hadoops promise has fallen on hard times

Upbound grabs 9 M Series A to automate multicloud management

Xs:code launches subscription platform to monetize opensource projects

Webiny nabs 35M seed to build serverless development framework on top of serverless CMS

Stability AI gets into the videogenerating game

3D Printing Business: Inside BCN3D Technologies

European Parliament backs ban on remote biometric surveillance

Aiven snags 60M investment on 2B valuation up from 800M in March

Speckle snags 55M seed to build open source platform for 3D drawings

Streamlit launches opensource machine learning application development framework

Re:Purpose for Good Pursues Several Good Causes at Once with 3D Printed Prosthetics Made from Recycled Plastic

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Robot Builds IKEA Furniture Using 3D Camera Grippers and Force Sensors

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Nginx lands 43 million Series C to fuel expansion

ProjectDiscovery raises 25M to launch a cloud version of its threatscanning platform

From the creator of Homebrew Tea raises 89M to build a protocol that helps open source developers get paid

European parliament votes for controversial copyright reform yes again

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