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Open Source Web Server Market is booming Globally with Top key players Apache HTTP ServerNGINXIISNodejs

Robocorp announces 56M seed to bring open source option to RPA

Feature Labs launches out of MIT to accelerate the development of machine learning algorithms

Xs:code launches subscription platform to monetize opensource projects

Snowflake acquires Streamlit for 800M to help customers build databased apps

Tim Berners Lees startup Inrupt releases Solid privacy platform for enterprises

QuestDB snares 12M Series A with hosted version coming soon

Tech company Chef wont renew US immigration contracts changing course amid employee activism

Open Source DIY Telescope Prime Features Raspberry Pi and 3D Printed Parts

Cockroach Labs scores 866M Series D as scalable database resonates

HPE acquires cloud native security startup Scytale

Open source vector database startup Qdrant raises 28M

How the OpenAI fiasco could bolster Meta and the open AI movement

Open source project Tea is brew2 for web3

Vectorized announces 155M investment to build simpler streaming data tool

How doing everything wrong turned Automattic into a multibillion dollar media powerhouse

Deepfakes for all: Uncensored AI art model prompts ethics questions

3D Printing News Briefs April 27 2024: Research Digital Dentistry Cycling More

Ultimaker Raise3D UnionTech Showcase New ProblemSolving 3D Printers at RAPID TCT

Meet Crowddev an open source userled growth platform for fostering developer communities

How to turn an open source project into a profitable business

17000 Cost Reduction with Open Source 3D Printing: Michigan Tech Study Showcases Parametric 3D Printed Slot Die System

Soloio wants to bring order to service meshes with centralized management hub

Ballerine brings open source to banks risk and identity decisionmaking

Baserow challenges Airtable with an open source nocode database platform

Aiven snags 60M investment on 2B valuation up from 800M in March

HackerOne CEO Mrten Mickos: COVID19 is the planets warning to accelerate digital civilization

The end of open source

Should you hire an inhouse designer or a contractor

RunX announces 41M seed to simplify cloud infrastructure deployment for developers

Some frank advice for open source startups seeking productmarket fit

To cope with stricter data regulation enterprises should look to fully open APIs

Open Source Grinding Machine Cuts Cost of Pellet 3D Printing

QuestDB nabs 23M seed to build open source time series database

Timescale announces 15M investment and new enterprise version of TimescaleDB

Sequoia backs PartyKit to power realtime multiplayer collaboration for any app

Semgrep formerly r2c lands 53M investment to grow code security platform

Open source sustainability

Orkes founded by the creators of Netflixs open source Conductor workflow orchestration tool comes out of stealth with 93M

Which open source startups rocketed in 2022

Former AWS engineer sets out to build a better log search engine

Microsoft opensources a crucial algorithm behind its Bing Search services

Michigan Tech Researchers Publish Paper on New Recyclebot 3D Printer

NetApp acquires Instaclustr to deliver open source databases as a service

Stacklet launches cloud governance platform with 4M seed investment

Googles Gradient backs YC alum Infisical to solve secret sprawl

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative drops 38M on 23 biomedical opensource projects

Linux Foundation launches new organization to maintain TLA

10 IP and commercial contract loose ends to tie up before you approach investors

Chainguard raises 50M to guard supply chains