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Sifflet raises cash to expand its data observability platform

Data observability platform Kloudfuse launches out of stealth with 23M

Manta a data observability startup raises 35M to grow its workforce

Monte Carlo closes 60M Series C on the back of rapid ARR growth

Is data observability recessionproof

Observability startup Pantomath lands 14M to automate data pipelines

Is the modern data stack just old wine in a new bottle

Data observability platform Acceldata raises 50M

Data observability startup Metaplane lands investment from YC others

IBM acquires Databand to bolster its data observability stack

Observability platform Observe raises 50M in debt launches gen AI features

Coralogix logs 55M for its new take on production analytics now valued at 300400M

Observe the data observability platform raises 115M with Snowflake investing