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New interactive climate tool reveals temperature and rainfall changes in your own backyard or close to it

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Giving Tech Labs bridges nonprofits and innovation to help create technology for the public interest

Climate tech heats up in the Pacific Northwest as startups raise more than 1B since 2020

An engineers journey from fighting crime on the dark web to leading societal resilience at Microsoft

Discovering and fixing the unexpected causes of pay gaps between genders and races

Forget autonomous cars How about an electric selfdriving tricycle for a cheaper safer alternative

GeekWire Bash Impact Partners 2019: Check out these incredible nonprofit partners at todays giant geek festival

How entrepreneurship and coding training programs build a path from prison to employment

Discovering and fixing the hidden causes of pay gaps between genders and races

Can venture capital save the planet Tech and political leaders look to change climate for energy innovation

Born from a Slalom hackathon tech experts help farming operation bring IoT into the field

Opening the door to inclusion through our 2018 GeekWire Summit nonprofit Impact Partners

What does it mean to be an ally Black Designers at Microsoft helps others explore the idea

Microsoft Boeing and Rubens family pledge new funds to Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

Can we innovate our way out of the climate crisis Venture capitalists sound off on saving the Earth

Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders unite in support of Blackowned businesses

New Decarbon8US impact fund lets anyone make a philanthropic gift to climatesaving entrepreneurs

Seattle startup connects farms to home delivery launches new program for lowincome families

Solace app helps transgender people map and follow the journey through gender transition

UW and Microsoft release contacttracing app aiming to battle COVID19 while preserving privacy

Microsofts accessibility chief on the benefits of closing the disability divide

How an Alaskan fisherman saw potential for a sustainability startup in a mountain of crab shells

How this tethered energy drone can help produce affordable clean energy with a small footprint

AWS launches Skills Center in Seattle boosts efforts to give free cloud training to 29M people

How a national lab stokes the startup pipeline with readytogo innovations for commercializing

Lowincome students get tuitionfree training for tech careers thanks to Seattlearea partnership

Ada Developers Academys new CEO looks to expand coding bootcamps impact on tech diversity

Is your company offering fair pay New nonprofit certifies those with nondiscriminatory wages

Harnessing tech for good: Meet our nonprofit Impact Partners at Thursdays GeekWire Bash

Future for Us conference stokes ambition and fellowship for women of color professionals

Climate investor Dawn Lippert on raising a 60M fund and whats stoking demand for climate tech

Microsoft says AI is finally ready for broader use to help solve Earths environmental woes

Opening the door to inclusion through our 2018 GeekWire Summits nonprofit Impact Partners

Washington state climate initiative with millions of dollars in support from tech leaders is defeated

Breathing new life into Seattles aged Pacific Science Center by running it like a startup

Alliance of Angels still helping entrepreneurs take flight 20 years after initial spark from Tom Alberg Bill Gates Sr and Tom Cable

Seattlearea maritime high school sets sail with support from tech luminaries Bezos and McCaw

As global disasters strain financial resources tech companies reassess their super powers

How data from smartphones and apps can inform us about human health on a global scale

Geeks Give Back award winner: WTIAs Apprenti program provides path to life changing tech jobs