Custom & 'End to End' Product Building Just For You.

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Vision: Rule The World.

By "Ruling" we mean - bringing happiness, health and wealth to everyone we work with.

Mission: Use Technology to bring Great Learning and Drive Change.

Our Values

I would like it if everyone imbibes this as part of himself or herself. These are not just the values for Wherrelz – but a way of life.

Our Activities

  1. IT consulting
  2. Software, web development, hosting and allied services
  3. API & Platforms – social, activism, data, widgets
  4. Plug-in & add-ons for 3rd party technology platforms to encourage integration and inter-operability
  5. R&D in the latest technologies available
  6. E-Commerce/BPO/KPO/Training/Learning operations
  7. Ancillary activities that make the above possible

Our Work Culture

  1. We have high expectations of performance from all employees
  2. Every task no matter how big or small must demonstrate high standards of execution
  3. Keeping pace with deadlines, good skills and being flexible about taking on additional responsibilities form an inherent part of the way we work
  4. We have a strong DIY (Do It Yourself) culture – from making calls to typing mails to printing letters to booking your own tickets for travel. We believe that every employee should lead a dignified existence and hence do not believe in having one person do another’s work
  5. We will offer you every opportunity to improve your skills and capabilities so that you are able to perform at your optimal best always
  6. Whilst the environment can be challenging and maybe even daunting to some, it’s one that encourages you to question – the essence of Freedom – in the event of doubt, so that efficiency and pace are never compromised