Custom & 'End to End' Product Building Just For You.

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Here's what we consult our clients most often for

• Create and get more out of your Information Technology action plan

Most companies don't have an action plan and simply flounder. Are you in this situation?

• With Technology selection, procurement and deployment

Selection is the hardest part of the task - and if done wrong can cost millions in the procurement and deployment phases!

• Performance and security analysis and formal corrective recommendations

To ensure any and all software is up to par.

• With maintenance planning and product end-of-life management

Sometimes software needs to be replaced. Is it time to throw away that old Windows XP based software? Let us do a complete analysis and draw a conclusion with a statistically apt guarantee.

• Product-izing your project concept

Often projects are poorly thought out. We think about it end-to-end and make it packageable so you can leverage your software to the fullest.

• Technical service activation and ensuring service availability

Simple technical services to ensure uptimes and TAT targets are met

• Selecting a Managed Information System (MIS) like ERP/CRM/Accounts/etc

We do a thorough analysis of processes and intents and then choose software to fit the bill

• Building/Customizing an Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Management Solution

Any kind of customization - simple or complex - and we do it.

• Selection and training of Technical staff

We have extensive experience selecting the correct people for the job - and have been training technical staff for over 10 years!

• Training of office staff to use the current MIS

Simple training to use day-to-day functionalities of most basic data management software.

• Help your team plan and implement your website & portals

Plan out client out reach and create a portal suiting the purpose. We can also help you with mobile apps.

• Guide technology to create mobile friendly, responsive apps/sites

If you're already having a website made, we can ensure it's done correctly.

• Assist creating IT solutions for any client or platform

In the event of an unknown scenario that you wish to address using technology, reach out to us and we'll work with you to identify the path.